A place for Everything


I used to have this question: Is the quote “A place for everything and everything in its place” interchangeable?

I have found that having a place for whatever you want to keep, whether it is a treasure or an everyday object (such as pens, papers or in this case, drinking vessels), is vital when you decided to live a more de-cluttered life.

In this post, I want to share how I conquered the Runaway-Drinking-Vessels. This small victory has changed my life on tracking who is not putting their drink ware away. I always share this with my young mom friends who have little ones and it’s been well received.
The drink ware set up is easy. Find a location that is convenient. In my home, that means on the counter right next to the sink where we have the filtered water mounted. It’s super convenient to fill up the glass with water, drink it and put the glass right back at its place. From left to right, youngest to oldest is the line-up. 
Before this, we constantly bickered with each other at the half drank glasses that were laying around namelessly. Since the implement of this small set up, the nameless mystery has been solved (for many years now).

Here are the easy steps for the drinking glasses station:

  1. Location, location and location. 🙂
  2. Give the whole family a “tour” or “instruction” on how this works. It’s so easy even my then three year-old got it.
  3. Old habit is hard to break so leave room for grace, they will all get it, if you are practicing this good habit daily yourself.

To answer my own question, I have chosen to have a place for everything before everything in its place.

How about you?



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