Herb Drying


I have finally finished my little experiment on the herb drying methods.

I dried them via microwave for two minutes, toaster oven for 20 minutes, convention oven for 20 minutes and hung on the ceiling for seven days.
While the hung herb is being dried naturally, I also left the other herb from the microwave and ovens continued to air dry at the same time.
Today when I did the final comparison, I found that the traditional way of hang drying is more gentle and natural, the slow drying method also seems to preserve the fragrance better in my opinion, not to mention I love seeing the herb hanging in the kitchen… very soothing to my eyes. The oven dried herbs appeared darker in color, probably due to the concentrating heat.
When I stripped the rosemary off the branches and into the jar, I decided to ditch the microwaved ones as I felt that method has literally zapped the life out of the herb. It looks the greenest but the fragrance is not as strong.


From the left – naturally dried, conventional dried, toaster oven dried and microwave dried.


Conclusion – I will be drying my herb the naturally way.


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  1. That is a great experiment. At the cafe we always dried parsley under the warmers on the cook line. They dried bright green and we used them regularly to make our southern fare dishes a little more colorful.

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